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In simple terms, the Internet of Things (IoT) is a network of physical objects connected to the Internet. IoT devices send and receive data using the Internet. They can also exchange data with each other over the Internet.

IoT technology is revolutionizing the electronics industry. As more and more applications adopt IoT, it's essential for modern engineers to know and work with this technology. To assist you in this, our electronics blog will provide a large collection of free projects that you can study and implement on your own. Projects are created using popular development platforms such as Arduino, Raspberry Pi, ESP8266, STM32, MSP430, PIC, and others. All projects are documented with descriptions, detailed schematics, code, and demonstrations.

We hope our articles will be interesting, and your experience of replicating our constructions will be engaging and exciting.

Pavel Nukalo April 12, 2021

Arduino IoT

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April 12 2021 1018

RFID Reader with Web Interface and Log

A useful device that can be installed at a checkpoint or security post in an enterprise to record the movement of employees between workshops or their entry/exit to its territory.

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March 21 2021 452

Web Utility for Temperature and Humidity Sensor

Application for the project 'TEMPERATURE AND HUMIDITY SENSOR WITH WEB INTERFACE.' This utility allows real-time data retrieval from temperature, humidity, and light sensors, and can control a 4-channel relay.

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March 20 2021 904

Temperature and Humidity Sensor with Web Interface

In this project, we will create a home weather controller using Arduino UNO. The device displays temperature, humidity, and brightness, and also has the ability to connect a four-channel relay for controlling loads.

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March 15 2021 354

Web Utility for Temperature and Humidity Sensor - Part 2

An application for the project 'TEMPERATURE AND HUMIDITY SENSOR WITH WEB INTERFACE - PART 2.' A simplified version of the utility that allows real-time monitoring of temperature and humidity sensor data.

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March 14 2021 556

Temperature and Humidity Sensor with Web Interface - Part 2

In this article, we will explore a simplified version of the Arduino UNO weather controller. The scheme is minimalistic and contains only one sensor, making it ideal for beginners in electronics and programming who are learning to create IoT projects on the Arduino platform.

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April 12 2020 3483

Active Wideband (0.5 - 20 MHz) Shortwave-HF Antenna for Urban Reception

This article presents the design of an antenna for receiving signals in the shortwave amateur radio range in urban conditions, dealing with interference from household devices.

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